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About C2C

When I decided I wanted to become a doula in 2002, the primary concern that kept me from following my dreams was having reliable childcare I could call on, at any hour of the day, so that I could go to clients. In 2011, after my children were older, and I had completed my doula training, I heard the same story over an over again from colleagues in the industry. Doulas, Midwives, PRNs, all had the same concern.

Three years after opening Colorado Springs’ first doula agency, Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC, I am regularly contacted by former clients, struggling with finding reliable, trustworthy childcare for their children.

Daily, in local parenting groups on Facebook, families post about needing childcare for various lengths of time. Finding, and keeping good quality childcare can be a never ending process. Babysitters call in sick at the last minute, family and friends have important things that come up, people get sick. Trying to find care last minute can wreak havoc on a family’s budget, force days off, and generally make life difficult. Snow days, late starts and teacher in service days often create childcare gaps that are not easy to fill.

At Cribs to Crayons Childcare Connection (a subsidiary of Colorado Mountain Doulas LLC) we want to make those connections a little easier for both families and providers. To view Jenn’s professional bio, click here.

How On-Call Care Works


  • Register your family for C2C Connections
  • Pay a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription fee*
  • Use your exclusive monthly pass to access the on-call calendar
  • Choose to have your children cared for in your own home, in a provider’s home, or choose an available drop off daycare facility
  • See a short description of pre-screened providers & prices to choose from
  • Choose from the provider’s availability calendar and schedule your care
  • Minimum shifts are 3 hours, with add-ons available up to 12 hours total
  • Contact the provider to work out details and pay, and receive care for your children in as little as one hour


  • Register as a C2C Provider (Individual or Childcare facility)
  • Choose to care for children in your home or in the family home
  • Submit proof of your CPR/First Aid & background check for verification
  • Submit a head shot & profile details
  • Submit regular availability
  • Connect your calendar to our on-call system to block out additional time
  • Begin receiving calls from families in need of care

C2C Providers

C2C providers are a combination of professionals, and parents, looking to make connections with families in the community. We have personally taken the time to verify the proof of their up to date CPR & First Aid certifications, and background checks via Providers wishing to provide transportation in the family vehicle have provided a current driver’s history. (checked and approved by a former police officer) Providers wishing to provide transportation in their own vehicles have additionally provided proof of insurance required to do so. You can find peace of mind in knowing that we have done the basic legwork for you.

As a C2C provider, you can help families fill their childcare gaps, and give them peace of mind.

Cribs to Crayons gives you the option to work when it’s most convenient for YOU. If your schedule allows you to have children dropped off overnight, or you have time in your day to do school drop off and pick up for others; families can find you easily through our on-call calendar.

Sign up today to begin making extra money in your spare time or offset your own childcare costs.

*Register as a family & a provider for access to both sides of the calendar.

Newborn Care

Care of newborn babies and their families during the first few weeks and months of life requires specialized training, knowledge of the family unit, recovery from birth, infant feeding, age appropriate milestones and guidance for each “new normal” as babies get older and parents return to work. Our postpartum & infant care doulas, night nannies, baby nurses, and newborn care specialists provide the experienced, supportive care you are looking for. Simply choose newborn care on your initial application, and let us connect you.

Nanny Placement

Coming soon!

Peace of Mind Icon

Peace of Mind

C2C has done most of the work for you already. We have connected with the best childcare providers in your area and require that all of them have up to date certifications and background checks.

Easy UI Icon

Easy User Interface

The C2C scheduling interface is user friendly and allows you to find immediate or future childcare in just a few mouse clicks.

On Call Care Icon

On Call Care

C2C connects with numerous providers that have round the clock scheduling to improve your chances of finding someone fast in the event of an emergency or spontaneous outing with your spouse.

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Nanny Placement

Coming soon!

Drop In Daycare Icon

Newborn Care

Newborn Care: Our postpartum & infant care doulas, night nannies, baby nurses, and newborn care specialists provide the experienced, supportive care you are looking for. Simply choose newborn care on your initial application and let us connect you.

Community Connection Icon

Community Connection

C2C helps childcare providers in your community connect with you eliminating the need to stress about posting on social media and making phone calls to try to find a sitter or nanny when unforeseen circumstances come up. We empower the community to help each other.

What people are saying

“This is Brilliant!”
Cynthia P
Cynthia P.
“Jenn is highly skilled, educated, and has made my postpartum care effortless. She is an expert on infant care and has eased my mind. As a healthcare provider myself, I was highly selective. The best in Colorado!”
Sam E.
Home Health RN
“Thanks for setting this all up. It’s a wonderful idea”
Aline B
Aline B.

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